At The Swim Meet


At The Swim Meet


Nearly all of my senses are instantly undone

Our eyes start to tear and our noses to run

I was sorry to note our day had just begun


A strong smell of chlorine permeated the air

With a moist wave of heat, it was difficult to bear

There were swimmers, and parents, and coaches galore

Far too many people at that early hour to ignore


And there we were, for race after race,

Each swimmer launching off the blocks, with such ease and such grace,

Hoping to best their previous pace

Will this be the race that they finish in first place?

The spectators are there, in the stands loud and clear

Supporting their dear ones with hugs and a cheer


As the races conclude, there will be some who brood

Over rankings and times not attained

They will; however, continue to train

To reach their goals, so deeply ingrained,

And by going to swim meets again and again.



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