Howard County, Maryland Swims!

Early Morning Outdoor Swim, anyone?

Early Morning Outdoor Swim, anyone?

Welcome to HoCoSwims, a resource page for anyone looking for a place to learn to swim, swim, train, or compete at any age.

Howard County, Maryland is home to a pretty large number of pools and opportunities to swim for the whole family! If you are new to the county or just visiting and would like to find a pool, here are some resources for you to check out. I am a member of the Columbia Association, so I know a lot about their aquatics programming. I am a U.S. Masters Swimmer and have been swimming with the Columbia Masters for over 10 years. We welcome any U.S. Masters Swimming registered swimmers to swim with us if you are visiting the area!  If you have questions, please feel free to email me at

In Columbia, MD

The Columbia Association (CA)

The Columbia Association (CA) has the largest number of pools, both indoor and outdoor and offers the most extensive programming. Visit: for more information about membership information, places to swim, and etc.

CA Offers Swim Lessons for kids and adults; group and private lessons; Year ’round Swim Team – the Columbia Clippers; and a CA Neighborhood Summer Swim League that offers everyone from the novice to the highly competitive swimmer an opportunity to enjoy a fun and competitive summer swim environment; and U.S. Masters Swimming Adult Swim Team Practices: Early morning, Daytime, Evening, and Saturday morning (Developmental).

Indoor CA Pool

CA also offers a robust schedule of water fitness classes, including Deep Water Fitness, Aqua Zumba, and Aqua Fitness.
CA also offers Birthday Parties; Splashdown* water slides and diving area, plus open swim times for unstructured play and swim.

*Splashdown is undergoing repairs.

Here is the latest from CA about it’s new Wibits (as of September 8, 2015):

Please enjoy our indoor Wibit inflatable water features while SplashDown is under repair. Come jump, splash, play and race through our new inflatable water course! Open October 3, 2015-May 22, 2016.

Saturdays: 1-6pm and Sundays: 12-5pm

Join us on October 4th for our WiBits Opening Bash!  Free admission for all members and guests, surprise giveaways, special discounts to book your Wibit party that day or coupons to return and book later, cake tastings and more!

PPP/MA – Free; Members – $3; Columbia Cardholder* -$7; Non Member/ Non Resident -$10

Got Summer on Your Mind?!

Check out this list of CA Outdoor Pools: FourSquare Listing of CA Outdoor Pools

Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Pool

Life Time Fitness

Lifetime Fitness also has an indoor and outdoor pool. Visit: or call for more information.

Lifetime Offers: Lessons; Group or Private; and Hydro Fitness Classes.

In Howard County

The Dancel Family Center Y

The Dancel Family Center Y has two indoor pools; one 6 lane 25 yard pool and a 4 lane Warm Water pool.
Visit: for information on membership and etc.

The Y offers Lessons, Aqua Fitness, a winter Swim Team and a Y U.S. Masters Swimming Swim Team. The Y Masters has been host to Maryland Masters Swim Meets in the past. They have also sponsored a 1 mile Open Water Swim in Centennial Lake.

Howard County Recreation and Parks: Roger Carter Community Center

The Roger Carter Community Center has swimming and diving pools. You can purchase a center membership or pay a daily entrance fee. Visit: for information. I am still gathering information about this pool and the additional services it offers, but early reports are it is a very nice place to swim for a very reasonable price.

Hey Swimmers!

On Twitter?

Share your Howard County swimming experiences by using the hashtag #HoCoSwims

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Update on Open Water Swim Opportunities:

Gunpowder State Park Hammerman Area

Gunpowder State Park
Hammerman Area

The Swimming Saves Lives Foundation (part of United States Masters Swimming) has designated April Adult Learn-to-Swim month! If you do not already know how to swim, why not check out your local opportunities to learn?! There is no better time than right now! Read my latest post on it here!


Swimmers always ask me, “How can I keep my goggles from fogging up while I’m swimming?”

I was told about this homemade solution and have been using it for years.  Take an old spray bottle; Add 10 parts water to 1 part Johnson’s Baby Shampoo; Shake solution; Spray into each eye piece; Dip goggles into water; Put goggles on, and Swim!  It’s an easy and inexpensive way to extend the life of your goggles! Notice I did not stick my finger in the eye piece to rub the solution around.  Keep fingers out of the eye pieces to prolong the wear.

Here’s one question I was asked on Twitter!

A question from Twitter

A question from Twitter

I will continue to update this page with HoCoSwims Information and News!

If you are interested in MORE Swimming/Swimmer Content, visit my blog on the U.S. Masters Swimming Blogs.  You can access my most recent posts by clicking on the link in the BlogRoll on the right side bar. You can also subscribe to this blog! Sign up and get an email every time I publish a new post!


8 thoughts on “Howard County, Maryland Swims!

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  2. I came upon your blog from Jessie’s post on the HoCoBlog party. I wonder if you’re going to post anything about natural places to swim. I grew up on the Severn River and have always preferred being out in nature over the confines of a pool. I love discovering new watering holes to explore.

    • Hi Harry, Thanks for checking out my blog page. I will update it with when I have a list of verified Open Water swims. Check back in a few weeks. I should have a few by then. Thanks again!

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