Blog Challenge!

I am discovering that writers and bloggers are an interesting group. It seems that many have quite a self-critical streak in them! I can see why. As I am reading a lot of blogs lately, I have noticed how difficult it can be to write pieces big and small that get noticed in the ways we would like them to be noticed and by those we want to notice. Since I have been blogging almost daily for about six months, I know that I frequently wonder, “How am I doing? No, how am I reallllly doing?” And, while I don’t have a specific goal in mind for my blog, I am enjoying finding out what other folks are doing with their blogs. And, I admit, I have been known to sometimes obsess over the wording and hashtags in a tweet (which is only 140 characters). So, I can’t begin to imagine writing something like a novel. I am also famously known (by my immediate family and friends) to be Twitter-obsessed. I love it. It has helped me connect with a lot of great people and access many interesting things.
So, while I completely consider myself a blogger at this time, I don’t think of myself as a writer. Maybe I’ll get into what I believe the differences are in another post someday. Maybe.

Anyway, I was recently surprised by a comment on one of my posts sent by a fellow blogger I didn’t know. She is actually a writer, who is going to chronicle the process of having her book, “The Summer Girl” published on her blog. She said she enjoyed reading my blog and wanted to nominate me for a “Liebster Award.” leibster-award-tag-post

I had no clue what that meant, but it sure sounded nice! I did some digging and discovered it is a type of blog challenge. I want to thank Kathy of The Road to Newbury for finding me in the blogosphere and tagging me to participate in this challenge. I am looking forward to following her journey, as she writes and gets a contract on her novel! As I was pondering whether or not I have the WordPress skills required to pull off participating in this challenge, as well as the why of it all, I came across another blog by Nicola Prentis: Read it Here: . It actually came to me as a tweet about The Madrid Writers’ Club Achievements for 2013. In the piece I read, Ms. Prentis had been given an 11 Things Blog Challenge. So, it seems that this type of exercise is a fairly common way for writers and bloggers to increase their connections.

Here is a mash up I created about it based on both the Liebster Award and the 11 Things Challenge:
• Acknowledge the nominating blogger by linking back to their blog.
• Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
• Invite 11 more bloggers to take up the challenge and give them 11 questions to answer.
• Let all the bloggers know they have been tagged.
• You cannot nominate the blogger who has nominated you.

11Things Pic




Here are my answers to the questions Kathy asked of her 11:
1. What was your favorite cereal as a kid?
Captain Crunch
2. What is your favorite movie?
This is a tough one… I think I mostly lean toward suspense/spy thrillers and comedy.
3. How old is the oldest thing in your closet?
A souvenir my parents brought me from Hawaii…in the late 70s??
4. What is the name of your favorite pet (past or present)
Our dog Chip.
5. Who is your favorite author?
Really enjoying Nelson DeMille at the moment.
6. What is the coolest city you have ever visited?
7. What is the oldest food in your fridge?
8. What is your favorite brand of soap?
Irish Spring
9. What do you crave when you crave?
Sweets – Currently addicted to Snappers (pretzels with chocolate and carmel)
10. What is your favorite TV sitcom (past or present)?
11. What era in history best defines you?
Another tough one! Nothing really old because I need modern conveniences. I am not a pioneer woman! Probably our current era since I am enjoying social media so much.

Just a few other random tidbits about me: I’m a U.S. Masters Swimmer, who blogs about being in an Empty Nest now. My best dog ever, Chip, died just before both kids left for college (my daughter for her senior year and my son for his freshman year) in August of last year. So, my husband and I are adjusting to our new Empty Nest life. I love to travel and am really looking forward to watching as many World Cup soccer games as I can catch this summer.

It is #FF if you are on Twitter, so I’m excited to get this blog equivalent out today!
Here is my list of bloggers that I am tagging to participate or not in this Liebster Award/11 Things Challenge. I really like all of these blogs. Please check them out! They have either awesome travel stories, amazing photography, delicious recipes, hilarious stories, or cool adventures (that include writing books or swimming long distances in Open Water) that I enjoy reading about:
Here are my 11 Questions for my 11 bloggers to answer:
1) What is your favorite time of day?
2) When are you most productive in your writing?
3) What are your goals for your blog?
4) Do you use Twitter to increase your blog’s reach?
5) What is the coolest city you’ve been to for work or pleasure?
6) If you could work in a different country, which one would you choose?
7) How many types of exercise do you do?
8) Do you practice yoga?
9) Do you like cats or dogs or no pets?
10) What is your favorite holiday?
11) Has the reason you started your blog changed?
Good luck and I hope you enjoy this challenge (if you chose to participate in it)!


9 thoughts on “Blog Challenge!

  1. Hello Angie! Thanks for nominating me. But I never join in with these things anymore, mainly because you should follow rules, and I don’t even know about 11 blogs that are interesting enough to nominate… thanks anyway!!

    • Hi Susanne, No worries! Thanks for getting back to me about it. I wasn’t sure about participating at first either, but I’m trying to be more “social” on my social networks. So, this was an attempt to do that. Thanks again for reading my post and leaving a comment! ~Angie

      • It’s true. It forced me to spend time reading what others are sharing about and see some of the ways they are setting up their blogs, including their use of photos and/or videos. There are a lot of really neat things going on out there.

  2. Thanks for linking me…you came to my blog in a round about way from following the Madrid Writer’s Club on Twitter? If so, great as I am the one who puts together the blog for the Writer’s Club and pushed for us to start Tweeting. I keep telling the others this sort of stuff does wonders for your profile…now they have to believe me!

    • Hi Nicola! You are welcome! I actually got to your blog from following Sheila Sullivan on Twitter (I can’t remember why I followed her to begin with –maybe because she tweeted about Spain/travel,) because she re-tweeted your original tweet about the success of the writers in your club. I then went to your blog to see what you were up to and came across the 11 Things Challenge. It was perfect timing. I’m glad you talked them into tweeting! I agree with you! (And, I agree they have to believe you now, too!) Thanks for checking out my post and letting me know there is another Twitter advocate out there! I tweet at @AngieKozSwims, if you wish to find me on Twitter! Thanks again!

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