An Uber Treat

My Friend Erin's Tie Dye (Roll Up N Dye and Colorful Abandon)

My Friend Erin’s Tie Dye (Roll Up N Dye and Colorful Abandon)

I was born in the 60’s. As I grew up in the 70’s and early 80’s, I think there was a lot of residual hitchhiking going on. It must have been leftover from it’s heyday in the 60’s. I, however, was told to not hitchhike. I was raised with the notion that hitchhiking is very dangerous. You don’t know whose car your getting into. It could be a murderer! Well, truth be told, I don’t believe I was ever told that folks picking up hitchhikers were murderers. I’m sure I just assumed that was the worse case scenario of dangerous. And, I probably saw a scary news item or two to that effect. The bottom line message was that hitchhiking was dangerous.

Over the years, I was never tempted to hitchhike, nor did I run with a hitchhiking crowd. We had the “mini buses” or ColumBus buses. So, if I needed a ride to The Mall, for example. I could jump on a ColumBus. I didn’t use it often, but it did save me from hitchhiking a number of times, I’m sure. If we needed a ride to the airport, we would call a taxi. Taxi’s were driven by strangers, but had the benefit of being vehicles labeled as such and being backed by a probably big, well known company. They were just smaller versions of the mini bus. Right?

So, imagine my consternation upon hearing about Uber. My kids were the ones to clue me in on this new ride sharing experience. The first exchange with my daughter went something like this:

Wait. What?

You get in an unmarked car with a stranger?

That’s not safe.

That’s crazy.

No. No, I’ll pick you up. Night or day. Anytime. Just call me or your father. Nope. It’s fine. I’d much rather you get home safely…

The popularity of Uber soared and so did the opening of my mind. I became a hip mom who confirmed that my children would be taking Uber, or Ubering, after a night out on the town. But, even though my children were experiencing Uber firsthand, I was not really accepting it into my world. That is, until my friend and fellow blogger Jessie became an Uber driver. “Whoa,” I thought. “What? Is she nuts?” It’s like picking up hitchhikers, I thought. That’s not safe, I said to myself. So, the same argument for why I wasn’t supposed to hitchhike growing up was, not surprisingly, the same as it was for why I shouldn’t pick up hitchhikers. But, Jessie has always been an early adopter. She not only embraced being an Uber driver, but she blogged about it. I was hooked on her posts. I enjoyed hearing about the people she picked up and her interactions with them. I loved the realness of her trying to find her way through tricky city streets. It was so entertaining. I would read one post and could not wait for the next one. I was thrilled to hear she was planning to publish an e-book based on her experience. It is available now and I highly recommend it.

Are you interested in checking it out? Please click here or visit and look for: Uber Chronicles: Field Notes from the Front Seat  Kindle Edition by Jessie Newburn. You will not be disappointed!




Expanding My Preferred Author List


Today I am happy to give a hearty “Thank You!” to my friend and fellow blogger, Terri (Quilts from the Heart) for introducing me to a new author and genre. I just finished the book, “The Light in the Ruins” by Chris Bohjalian that she passed on to me. I really enjoyed it.

As I read this book, I realized I have really gotten stuck on spy thrillers and action/adventure type books by a small circle of authors, of late. I found this book to be just different enough from what I have been drawn to over the past several years to be a refreshing change from “the usual.” In fact, it was weird not knowing the central characters immediately upon starting the book, as I do in the books I've been devouring recently. But, I quickly got over that aspect of it. And, I was glad that it had me trying to stay up later than my eyes could stay open to find out what happened next.

This book was a welcome opportunity to experience a new (to me) author and to expand my reading preferences. Thanks again, Terri! I'm looking forward to picking up another book by Chris Bohjalian.


A New Read


I am so excited! I received a new book today by best selling author Chris Bohjalian. My friend Terri, who is also a blogger*, passed it on to me read. She received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for some social media feedback and/or social media love (positive feedback). She was also asked to find another avid social media user, who had not yet read anything by Bohjalian, and pass the book onto him or her. Terri finished the book earlier this week, and now it's my turn! I am really looking forward to reading it, which I will do as soon as possible. I didn't want Terri to give me too much information about the book, so I can start it with a clean slate. I know she enjoys reading this author and that she did like this book. So, stay tuned for my review…coming soon. I hope!

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