The World’s Greatest Distraction

Beautiful Game in Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Game in Beautiful Sunset






I’m completely obsessed. Several of my girlfriends are as well. They have told me so, using that exact word or the word “addicted.” My family is hooked. In fact, huge numbers of people in my social circles are. And more and more everyday in the United States are becoming as consumed as the rest of the world in what I consider to be the greatest distraction. It’s World Cup Soccer time. It’s #BecauseFutbol, (the clever Hyundai slogan gaining popularity by describing World Cup fan passion) that regular folks on the street are glued to their radios, televisions and mobile apps. I am thrilled to have an even greater number of co-workers and non-sporting folk to share my excitement with over what so far seems to be the most thrilling World Cup I’ve had the pleasure of watching. And, I think a shout out to U.S. television network, ESPN, for showing all the games is in order. Although I’m sure there are several business owners who are lamenting the fact that the games are running daily during the work day at this point in the tournament. But, soon enough, (too soon for many of us fans), there will be fewer and fewer games to watch, as the tournament winds down to the final two teams.


U.S. Men's National Soccer Team, Washington, D.C.

U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team, Washington, D.C.





So, for now, I will enjoy every minute of every game I can. I know many others are too. I witness and hear stories of people streaming the games on their computers while they are at work, and sneaking glimpses of games and scores from Twitter feeds, apps and Etc. are the norm now. People are decked out in their red, white, and blue to cheer on the U.S. team, which has advanced beyond group play. It is truly a diversion. And it’s a wonderful, delightful diversion that only happens with this level of excitement and pageantry every four years. I’d love to blog on about how great it is to put aside whatever personal issues one may be saddled with to get wildly and passionately excited about a sport competition, but alas, I have to get a few things done around the house before the next match begins!


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