That’s A Wrap on a Busy Week!

Some of the Columbia Masters Swimmers Sporting Their Tie Dyed Team Shirts

I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged. It is far more difficult to find the time to write when the kids are home. This past week was also filled to the brim with work for me. I worked endless hours at the swim shop getting kids ready for summer swim team. I worked a last minute Kitchen Angel job. And, I taught a couple of private swim lessons. Whew! All the while, I managed to keep up with my own swimming and lifting.

Today, I was able to bask in the glory of having nothing to do except go to my daughter's Women's Premier Soccer League game. Of course, “basking” for a mom means running around the house trying to clean, straighten, and otherwise get the house back on track from at least a week plus of my neglecting it. I did enough to be able to stand it until I can get more done tomorrow.

I wanted to make sure I updated you on how amazing my tie dye shirt turned out. We all had three universal thoughts on the whole Dish n Dye Tie Dye party for our Masters group: 1) My shirt is not going to turn out good, 2) Wow, my shirt turned out great, and 3) I can't believe I made that shirt! We have all gotten tons of compliments on the shirts already, and most people add a comment about how they'd never be able to make such a cool shirt. So, now I can speak with some level of beginner success expertise when I say, “Yes, you can do it! Erin is awesome and will lead you in creating a cool shirt of your own!” If you still have not checked out the Roll Up N Dye website, Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter, do it this weekend. You'll be inspired to plan a tie dye party of your own, I bet!



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