Swimmers Get Groovy at Tie Dye Luncheon

Two of the Shirt Samples

Two of the Shirt Samples











Today was our annual Masters Summer Pot Luck luncheon. A little earlier in the season than usual, but the weather warmed up and got sunny despite an overcast morning. We upgraded the fun this time to include making tie dye team t-shirts! We called it Dish N Dye. Clever, eh? Well, it was a blast! We had a great time.

We set up our salads, sandwiches, and fruit first. And we enjoyed a tasty lunch and chance to chat with everyone in more than 10, 20 or 30 second intervals (which is how swimmers carry on conversations during practice. We are experts at it.). We then moved outside to begin the artsy part of the party. I was quite nervous, since I know how not artistic I am. 

Just about to get our tie dye experience started.

Just about to get our tie dye experience started.


The tie dye portion was courtesy of Erin Cassell/Roll Up N Dye, our teammate, who I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts here and here. She brought everything we needed to make some very awesome t-shirts (including her patience, which she has mountains of, to work with non-artists like myself!). We all had had some form of tie dye experience in the past, but never with a professional tie dye artist. We started by selecting from a trio of sample shirts Erin had made for us to use as a guide.  Thank goodness she brought samples.  I had a difficult time picking which swirl I wanted and couldn’t picture any of them without the use of a sample.  Our team colors are pink and black (chosen because of a Speedo swim suit we picked as our team suit years ago). So, once we picked the swirl of our choice, we had to actually touch the shirts.  For that, we needed gloves. The shirts were pre-treated with a substance that will allow the shirts to grab and keep their vivid color.  We pinched, we spun, we started over and over (and for the perfectionists among us, over again and then asked Erin to tidy it up), and finally, we dyed.  Some among us seemed to catch on quickly and then enjoyed a laugh at those of us who didn’t.

Anyway, it was amazing how fun and stressful it is to put dye on a t-shirt. Our shirts are currently sitting in a warm location for at least 24 hours before we follow the directions Erin gave us as to what to do next. I can’t wait to see what my shirt is going to look like.

This is what is looks like now:

Here is the Angie Masterpiece...so far.

Here is the Angie Masterpiece…so far.












It’s hard to imagine it will look like one of the sample ones in the top picture.  A great time was had by all, and I highly recommend having Roll Up N Dye at your next swim team event, pool or office party. It’s a lot of fun! And if I can do it, anyone can do it! 


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