An Honor To Catch Memorial Day Festivities in DC

World War II Memorial

The weather was nice yesterday, but it was supposed to be even better today. John and I decided to go on a bike ride first thing this morning on the Capital Crescent Trail. It was a beautiful day. The trail was filled with fellow cyclists, walkers, and etc. As we eased our way down to the waters edge in Georgetown, I started to think about possibly riding further into DC to see some of the Memorial Day observances.


We stopped at the bottom of the trail (in Georgetown), and I mentioned my idea to John. He was interested in seeing what was happening at the war memorials also. So we set off through the city. It was so easy to get around on bicycles. There were several road closures due to the Memorial Day events involving Rolling Thunder. There were so many motorcycles everywhere. They were parked along nearly every street we rode by. Block after block of parked motorcycles, as well as tons of them on the roads. We made it over to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, our first stop of the day, to honor my uncle Steve, who was killed in Vietnam. We found his name on the wall. There were so many people who came downtown to honor our fallen veterans. So many were veterans themselves or had family members serving in the military. It was great to see and be a part of.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

We next rode over to the World War II Memorial, which is beautiful and was also filled with folks milling about the awesome structures. After that we could hear the thunderous sounds of the motorcycles parading down Constitution Avenue, so we went back toward the street we came in on to watch the parade. It was impressive. Very impressive, really. You could see the pride and support for our troops from everyone who came to be a part of the festivities.

Watching Rolling Thunder Roll Down Constitution Ave.

We rode back to Georgetown and hopped back on the trail for our ride back to Bethesda. We were quite tired by the time we got to the car, but we were so thrilled we made the extra detour into Washington. It was wonderful to see the memorials and participate in the observances honoring those who died serving our country.



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