Scrumptious Lobster Lunch in Newport, RI


Need another hot tip on what to do while in Newport, RI? Visit the Newport Lobster Shack for the freshest lobster you can get short of catching it yourself (and cooking it and eating it on the boat). The trick is that the Lobster Shack is only open Thursday – Sunday. So, you need to plan accordingly. We planned our weekend well, and we were able to buy three lobsters and steam them at our condo for lunch. Talk about a “This is the Life!” experience. We didn't even make any side dishes, we just melted some butter.


I was a little nervous about cooking them ourselves, but the option to have them cooked by the Lobster Shack was not available yet (it will be available sometime this Summer). And, I was a little sad to put the lobsters in the boiling pot of water. But, I quickly got over it when I saw the beautiful red color of the cooked lobster. They cooked in no time and didn't require any of the seasonings and prep work that steaming Maryland Blue Crabs does. We pulled the claws off, then pulled the tails off. We put all the meat in a huge pile on a plate with the claws and dug in.

It was so delicious. The kids loved it and were so thrilled with the fact we cooked them ourselves. It turned the notion of getting lunch into a culinary adventure and something we will remember for a long time to come.


Cooked Lobster



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