Graduation Gratitude And Night Squid Fishing

It's Official!

The weather forecast for today up until this morning was for 100% chance of heavy rain and wind. The torrential downpour ended by 8:00 AM and the skies turned blue and sunny. It was delightful. We enjoyed our daughter's wonderful graduation ceremony. It was a great day. Moving her out of her townhouse and a delightful dinner with senior soccer families rounded out an exhausting and fantastic end to her college experience. We were so grateful for the outstanding day.

We were all completely wiped out, but decided to take a walk around the docks when we got back to our suite. There was quite a bit of activity around one of the dock areas. There were a bunch of fishermen set up working their multiple fishing poles. I asked one group what was biting and was told, “squid.” Euwww! Really? That is so cool, right? Fishing at night for squid. All the fishermen I talked to were so friendly. It was a slow night, according to several different groups. I was able to see two buckets with squid in them. One bucket was filled with ink, so it wasn't easy to see the two squid in that one.


But, another gentleman had a bunch. It was so interesting. I learned the squid are attracted to the lights around the dock, which was why the fishermen were clustered near them. I also saw pike fish, some super strange water snake or eel or aquatic millipede, and a couple of jelly fish. We were about to fall over with exhaustion, so it was time to go inside. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate with us tomorrow, too.


Jelly Fish and Unknown Aquatic Millepede



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