Re-Entry; AKA Home Again


The Re-Entry process. Phase One. The first child home has returned with a school-years' worth of bags and boxes of clothes, books, and college living supplies. I see piles of stuff that needs to be sorted, cleaned, washes, stored, or all of the above. It's a tad overwhelming, but I'm not new to this process. I have three years experience. So, I know how to manage the “pile” stress. First step is to acquire and sort the dirty laundry and bedding. Easy enough. Except when…

At first glance it would appear that my son had not done his laundry all semester. But upon further review, he may not have done much of it for a number of, well let's say a bunch of days…

How happy am I that he is home? So happy I'm sorting the first of several monstrous piles of dirty laundry, and I'm energized by the challenge. (Yikes!)

Ahem. Maybe I need to be a little less enthusiastic about having my role of daily, available, laundry doing, breakfast, lunch, and dinner making mom reprised… I'll try to tone it down. But, in the meantime, I will enjoy having the ol' nest half full. And, I'll enjoy getting Alex fully moved back home.



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