We Rolled, Rode, and Road Tripped Our Way Through


This is it. The last day in the Empty Nest. We made it. The first major “finish line” we had to cross in the adulthood of our kids. Woohoo! Yay, us! And, yay, them! We crossed a finish line by sur-thriving* the huge change of becoming Empty Nesters. Yes, we survived. But, I'd say we did better than survive. We rolled! And, we road-cycled and road tripped. We had a lot of fun and made the most of our new found freedom and free time. We, indeed, thrived.

And as the kids reach these new adult milestones, like completing their Freshman year of college, as Alex has done; or by completing their Senior year of college, as Alyssa is in the process of doing, we are rolling with the changes.

So, here we are. We're on our way to pick up Alex, who took his last final exam of his Freshman year this afternoon. Wow. This year went by so fast. As I expected, I am a lot more comfortable with the idea of being an Empty Nester now. I don't completely love it, but I appreciate it a lot more than I did in August of last year.


Us on our way to pick up Alex for Summer Vacation

*Sur-thriving is a word I made up to describe the feeling of having survived a hard challenge and thrived in it and through it.



2 thoughts on “We Rolled, Rode, and Road Tripped Our Way Through

    • I am starting to see the beginnings of the revolving door phase already! This must be why some parents turn their kids’ bedrooms into workout rooms and home offices.
      Not that we’re planning to do that…at this time. Haha! ~Angie

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