Summer Swim Team Season Starts


I went from having a lot of extra time on my hands to having little extra time. I have started back at the swim shop to help with the busiest time of year, which is getting teams ready for Summer swim team. I have been working a lot of evenings, which is normally the time I write my blog posts. Now that I'm working so much, my writing time has become consumed with helping little (and sometimes not so little) summer swimmers (and their parents) get properly fitting goggles and team suits. One particularly busy night, I helped approximately 105 swimmers get fitted. I consider myself ready to work at a circus as the “I can guess your swimsuit size every time!” attraction!

One day I may devote a blog post to the Top 10 Things You Need to Know When Buying Your First Swim Team Competition Suit… Maybe. I do repeat myself about 80 times a night to give parents and swimmers information they need to know. It gets old, but I'm happy to be helping the swimmers. However, I do need to find a balance with my blogging.




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