A Few Things I Picked Up in Spain

Ensalada Mixta - typical Spanish salad

Ensalada Mixta – typical Spanish salad









This post is a #MyGlobalLife Link up post.

I read the latest post by Cate (of SmallPlanetStudio.com) and once again I was transported back to my experiences of living or traveling abroad. She posed a question that acted as a nice prompt for me. Her question:

What have you incorporated into your life after living abroad?

I love this prompt. I had not thought about it too much lately, but I used to be very mindful that I was doing things I picked up from having lived in Spain. I spent my Junior year of college in Pamplona, Spain.  It was a fabulous experience.  I did indeed pick up some Spanish habits, if you will, which I brought home.  I was doing those Spain things because they not only became ingrained in me while I was there, but to remember the experience and probably as a way to hold on to it and make it last.

I think that the most significant changes to my pre-living abroad self were in my writing.

  • I can’t write sevens any more without putting a cross through them the Spanish way.
  • I abbreviate words using Spanish abbreviations.
  • I write notes (personal and when I went back to school, and later work) in Spanish and English

However, one of the best habits I picked up was a the result of a big revelation: I had never felt so good physically and emotionally as I did when I was living in Spain. Why was this? I realized this improvement must be because of a dietary change I had made. Figuring out this riddle was the key to carrying on my feelings of physical and emotional well being when I returned home. While in Spain, I got into a habit a of eating an “ensalada mixta” every Friday night at a great pizzeria in Pamplona (that appears to no longer be there, according to a quick Google search). This salad consisted of lots of lettuce, tuna fish and hardboiled egg with an oil and vinegar dressing. It was so delicious! The restaurant (and maybe all Spanish restaurants) would put a ton of salt and olives on the salad if you didn’t request not to have it, which I did faithfully. I don’t care for olives or lots of salt in my salad. I discovered that the tuna fish I had on my salad (and probably the fact that I was eating a healthy salad,) and a healthier diet than I ate while in the U.S., lead to my feeling so good. I was able to increase the amounts of the Omega 3s in my diet by eating more tuna fish and salmon when I got home to the U.S. What a great thing to continue when I got home, no?

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One thought on “A Few Things I Picked Up in Spain

  1. I still write sevens that way, too. And I still use a couple German abbreviations when I’m make notes in English – but only if I hand write something. I’d forgotten about both of those things. Regarding the salad, I’ve started eating a big salad for lunch with home-made olive oil dressing and tons of veggies and within a week I felt a huge difference. It’s wonderful that you figured this out while in college!

    Thanks for participating in the #MyGlobalLife link-up!

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