Colorful Surprise


There are two times of year that are unavoidably busy for parents: Fall and Spring. It doesn't start off that way, necessarily, unless either one or both parents have a job that has increased demands during those times. However, when kids begin going to school and then eventually begin activities or sports, things get exponentially busier. This past Fall, even as Empty Nesters, we were busy. We were steeped in traveling to both kids college soccer games, especially to our Senior daughter's last Division 1 season games. I had a lot of work with my part time jobs. As a result, we had a Fall that was similar to what we had become used to – a very busy one.

This Spring, on the other hand, has not been what we were used to. We travelled very little. We had hoped that our Empty Nest hobby of cycling along Rail Trails would keep us busy. However, the weather has not been cooperating with us to get out as often as we expected. In a nutshell, we have had some spare time. Things were just starting to get busy again with my part time jobs and a little travel when Spring Break/Holy Week started. Things got slow, but luckily I was able to look forward to Alyssa coming home for a quick visit. It seemed like we hadn't seen her in a really long time. So, we missed her, and she said she was ready to be home, too.

We were also excited to have her home for the weekend, as it gave us a chance to do the big “Reveal.” John had been painting her room, as a surprise. She had picked the color out last summer, but with our hectic Fall, there was no time to actually paint. There was plenty of time this semester to get it done. The good news is that she loves the color (still) and the new look of her room. She is happy to have the vestiges of her youth behind her.

Tonight, since I had been missing Alex a lot and Alyssa was here, I texted him about setting up a Skype call. We were happy to catch him at a good time and had a really nice conversation. I loved that we could see him while talking to him. I think this was our first Skype call with him. It went smoothly. So now we have everything set up for our call to him (and a separate call to my sister) on Easter Sunday when Grandma and Grandpa are here.



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