Cheery Cherry Blossoms in D.C.

Cherry Blossom Tree, Potomac River 4/14 (Taken with my iPhone 4S)


We had a delightful day in D.C. The annual Cherry Blossom Festival was in full swing. I have never made into D.C. to see the lovely trees before during their peak bloom. They have always seemed to be very difficult to catch in peak bloom. It also has seemed that they like to peak mid-week. Then, a huge storm or two will come into the area and they are ruined. So, we were very excited to have the requisite perfect timing. The weather was sunny and mid to high 70's today.

Jefferson Memorial with Cherry Blossoms


I think it's the National Park Service usually handles crowd estimates for events in the District. But, I'm pretty sure there were at least a million people milling around and trying to capture The Perfect Photo of the blossoms, or of the blossoms framing a monument, or of the blossoms framing a loved one (with or without a monument in the background). My original estimate was a lot higher, but probably too unrealistic to share. It was a really nice day. We had a lot of fun. The most difficult part was that we had a long, long walk to find a restaurant for lunch. We were trying to get as far away from the huge crowds as possible. So we walked. And walked. And, eventually found fewer people (relatively speaking) and plenty of restaurant choices.

Weeping Cherry Tree, Potomac River side


Thanks to my friends Pat and Terri for reinforcing my need to see this wonderful event. And, extra thanks to Pat for equally emphatically urging us to take the Metro in and get off at Arlington National Cemetery to walk across the bridge. We avoided a couple hundred thousand people by coming in from Virginia and getting off the train before the Smithsonian stop.

Gorgeous Sky With Eagle


We took a multitude of photos ourselves. Similarly, we also sought the “money shot.” I think we got several great photos. We enjoyed the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial as we meandered along the Tidal Basin. We walked down The National Mall and briefly enjoyed the art in the National Gallery of Art. All in all it was an absolutely splendid day. I hope you enjoy our photos!

FDR Memorial – Quote and Cherry Blossoms


RAPHAEL “The Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist c. 1507,
The National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.



2 thoughts on “Cheery Cherry Blossoms in D.C.

  1. The cherry blossoms were beautiful this year. It is so hard to time it just right. We went in the weekend of the parade and they were all gone the next weekend! I enjoyed your post!

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