The Signs of Spring!

Pink, Flowering Trees!! They Scream Spring.


The Daffodils are just about ready to bloom!

Finally there are some definite signs of Spring outside. Here are a few I've enjoyed catching:

Behold – The American Goldfinch, otherwise known in our house as, “Hey! There goes That Yellow Bird!” “Did you see it”?

Our bird feeder was teeming with Goldfinches today. So, we were finally able to get a couple of nice photos. Actually, John was able to get the really good photos with his really good camera.


Here are the Sheep with their Baby Lambs – Another Definite Sign of Spring!
It's a really tough photo to capture because this farm is sitting along a pretty busy street. This was the best I could do. If you look closely you can see the one little lamb in the foreground.
The following photos are of the colorful bird party we apparently hosted today at the The Feeder, clearly the coolest, hippest, most happening, joint on the block! I'm not ready to commit to naming the pinkish bird. Maybe a House Finch… Just not sure. The Goldfinch is a lock. The Blue Jays and Cardinals were at the “party” also, although their appearances were fleeting.
Happy (Finally) Spring, Everyone!



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