A Bird Bonanza

House Finch at Our Feeder


What a bird bonanza we had this evening! John and I were finally both in the right place at the right time to catch some beauties. The feeder was getting really low on food. I wanted to run out, grab it, and quickly refill it, but there was a lot of bird activity out there. All the usual suspects seemed to be flying around. I could see a male Blue Jay on the ground under one set of Cyprus trees and then flying higher up between the two sets of trees. John had seen the Cardinals plenty of times but had yet to see the Jays. I was trying to get his attention to see the big Blue Jay, but he was looking at the activity on the feeder. There was a “new” bird visitor at our feeder. John rushed to get the camera ready, and the bird actually stayed put on the feeder. We couldn't believe how cooperative he was. It was so different to actually have time to photograph the bird we wanted to photograph. Usually, the birds are flying away faster than we can click the button on the camera. So, we were able to capture the House Finch on film, the first time we saw it. Within a minute of that photo frenzy, the Blue Jay flies right into our closest Eastern Redbud tree. Whoa! Fortunately, John was ready. He hit the button a fraction of a second before the Jay got spooked and flew back into the cover of the Cyprus trees. What fun! And what great shots he got! We were also treated to seeing a rather unglamorous pigeon that didn't have anything cool or noteworthy about it, other than we hadn't seen it at our feeder before. We are still hoping to catch the unknown yellow bird that only I have seen. I had no luck in photographing it…Don't ask.

Camera Shy Blue Jay



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