Let’s Keep America Beautiful

“The Creek” in Columbia, MD (It's not the only one – It's just the only one we played in; Bridge side)

I had one more dinner idea up my sleeve for tonight. It turned out to be very tasty. I had two chicken breasts in the freezer, and the other half of the delicious marinara sauce from Sunday's smashingly successful dinner. So, tonight I cooked the chicken in a Tuscan Herb olive oil I have, with a hint of salt and pepper. I heated the marinara sauce, and made a thin spaghetti to have with it. It was a good dinner, and I was happy to use up the sauce. I officially have no ideas for tomorrow night's dinner. Ugh.

Afterwards, I drove over to check on my folks. Mom and I went for a short walk down to the creek we kids played in and around when we were little. Mom is feeling very good post knee surgery, so that is super news. I was telling her how annoyed I am at the amount of trash I am seeing on the ground these days. I know the weather has been terrible, which is probably why there is so much trash around. It has been just too cold and windy to collect what may have blown out of people's trash cans. And, several community clean ups were cancelled last weekend due to the torrential rains. I have seen notices for more clean ups in the next couple weeks, so I'll be sure to join in on one of those.

The Tunnel Side (Big and scary spiders live in these tunnels)

We didn't bring a trash bag with us for our walk, but we both managed to collected two handfuls of trash and recycling while we walked. Good thing we are both passionate about the environment or we might think the other crazy for carrying trash back home for proper disposal.

So no April Fool's from me – just a friendly reminder: PLEASE Don't Litter. And if you see trash/recycling on the ground, pick it up and see that it gets disposed of properly. Thank you!

Keep America Beautiful, as the old saying goes.



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