On Not Becoming Complacent in the Clutter


Whew! I have continued the Spring cleaning today. It feels good! Clean and purge. I think I'm fighting against the clock here. The kids will be home starting in a month. That means more stuff will be coming back into the house. So, without a proper purge, there will be no place to the store the returning stuff. I say this to motivate myself. My calendar is starting to get full, so I need to keep moving forward or should I say purging forward. If not, I risk becoming complacent in the clutter. Or, too busy to get back to it. Definitely don't want to do that. So, I've taken enough of a break here. Back to work!

(Hours later)

I'm officially covered in dust from head to toe. Aaaah-choooo! I tried to stop on two occasions since I started this post this morning and managed to force myself onward. I really want to be done now, but the enormity of the task at hand continues to haunt me. It's the side distractions that prolong the purging process. I have a bunch of Political Science/International Affairs books from college and/or a Masters I started years ago. What am I going to do with them? Ugh! Maybe Ebay? We'll see. It's still raining outside, so there is nothing better to do. Must. Keep. Purging. On!

Latest Update: John took a big load of stuff to the dump (trash and recycling), including about six to eight coffee mugs we never used and another half dozen plus glasses that we will never use. Those things were part of one big box I emptied. Hurrah!

Final tally for today: Emptied box count: four. Two will be broken down and stuffed into the recycle bin; smaller one took on the stuff from the biggest box; one stands empty for future reuse or recycle.



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