Spring Cleaning Officially Begins

This is the “Fun Chair” From My Grandparents House*


Was it the brief glimpses of sunshine? Was it the birds singing loudly and sweetly? Was it the large trash bag overflowing with styrofoam waiting to be taken to the dump for recycling? I'd have to say it was all of the above. I asked John to take a trip with me to the basement to begin (again) to clean and sort our mounds of stuff. I asked for just 20 to 30 minutes. So we could simply start (again) this potentially overwhelming project. My goal was to gather enough stuff to take a trip to the dump aka landfill on Saturday. We obviously have a sizable styrofoam pile to drop off to be recycled, so why not try to clear out some other junk?

He agreed, so we went down right after dinner. John's first question, “Are you ready to get rid of that chair from your grandparents house?” Hummmm. Was I ready? I thought it might be broken, so yes. But, it might still be usable, so no. I hopped onto it, rocked it back, and thought, I think it still works…It's still comfy, very dusty, but comfy. I tell him, “I think I can still use this.” “Where would you like to put it?” He patiently asks. “Well, maybe we should keep it here for now,” I say. So, despite the setback of not getting rid of that chair (from the 70's), we pulled together a nice pile of trash for the dump run on Saturday. And, we did so in about 20 minutes. We managed to not get too sidetracked during this cursory, first trip. I think that's rather impressive. Spring Cleaning has officially started.

*We used to have a lot of fun playing on this chair as kids. It's kind of shocking we never broke it.



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