Empty Nest Experts

This is the latest snowfall on Hopeful Spring Flowers (The poor things)


It is as I had suspected. John and I are falling into a rhythm and routine that doesn't involve the kids. Yes, we are getting used to being Empty Nesters. I knew we would, eventually. I still miss the kids (and Chip), but I don't feel so lost and empty during the times I would have previously been on active Mom duty. Like at dinner time, mornings, evenings and on weekends. So, while I am still guilty of missing them, it just doesn't feel so bad.

We are even getting used to (Read: better at) cooking for two. We have recently started a new dinner plan for one night a week. We pick a type of fish, then we buy two pieces, and then find a new recipe or way to cook it. Last week, we tried a Tilapia with a corn meal coating. It was tasty. This week, we tried Halibut with a Bisquick coating. It was very good. Our freezer is still pretty empty. And, I don't love thinking about dinner ideas. But, hopefully as the weather starts to improve, our dinner options will improve also. Or maybe my desire to come up with fun and tasty dinners will improve. We are getting such mixed messages from the weather — is it comfort food weather or light fare/cookout weather? We've had more cold, comfort food days, but there have been a few cookout day teasers. But, hopefully this is the last of the snow. And, before you know it, both kids will be home, and I will be back to cooking for four.



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