The Grand Budapest Hotel – Our Review


Have you heard of the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel? I thought I had heard or seen something about it, maybe a commercial on TV. I wasn't sure. So when my mom mentioned, almost as an afterthought during a conversation last week, that she would like to see that movie for her birthday. I was all for it. Now what was it that I had heard about it? Was it confusing due to plots and sub plots? Did it have to do with the characters? I couldn't remember. But, my mom was interested, so I hopped on the computer to find out where it was playing (she had said it was at “select theaters.”). It was playing at the Landmark Theater at Harbor East in Baltimore. I found myself trapped in “Fandango hell” and unable to quickly and easily find the show times. But, John “surfed” over to the Landmark Theater website and found it showing a bunch of times. Perfect. We confirmed our plans with Mom and Dad.

The Movie

It was an easy trip downtown and parking was a breeze. We got validated parking from the theater, so it was only $5.00. Such a bargain. We ended up at a later show than we expected (only by 45 minutes) because the 3:30 show was basically sold out. Having the extra time meant succumbing to the popcorn smell and buying a big bag to share. The crowd at our showing was basically filled with couples our ages and my parents ages. Perfect. I still had no preconceived ideas about what I was about to see. But, we did see the movie poster with all of the actors pictures. Lots of actors, including Edward Norton, a Howard County native (yay!). Hummm. Interesting.


Well, the movie grabbed me and pulled me in for the ride from the moment it started. John and I both really enjoyed it. I thought, “It was like a good book, I'd read several times over.” Just delightful. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon. I think my parents enjoyed it, but don't think they'd recommend it like I do. According to a quick check on the web about the movie, it seems like it will be shown in more theaters. That's good news for those of you who haven't seen it yet. I recommend it.




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