Viparita Karani

A Few of us from the old Monday Yoga Group with Heather

Viparita Karani is Legs up the Wall Pose.

This pose restores me…on several levels. My back and shoulders melt into the floor. The stress and strain of being on my feet for too long is reversed almost magically, and in a short amount of time. My mind clears, and I am able to take deep, cleansing breaths. I don't know which came first, the pose calming me or me calming into the pose. But, it is a delightful way for me to erase a long, tiring day on my feet.

Sometimes I have been so tired and in so much pain that I have had to do two or three sessions of Viparita Karani to feel restored and rested. I would rather do two 10 minute sessions than 20 or 30 minutes at one time. I notice that I am more relaxed the second or third time – feeling less pain and fatigue.

No, I did not go to yoga today. Quite the opposite. I worked at a swim meet last night and all day today. But, I knew I needed to give my mind and body to a few uninterrupted minutes of this restorative pose as soon as I could tonight. I am so grateful to have this and many other yoga “tools” to treat myself to when I need it most. Ahhhhhh. Heavy exhale with an audible sigh.



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