Happy Happiness Day


It's the first day of Spring! Hurrah! For all the good it is going to do us in the near term. There are rumors, and by rumors I mean the weathermen and just about every news outlet are reporting it, that there is likely going to be another winter storm. Next week. On Tuesday. Fortunately, we were able to enjoy today. It was a sunny and warm feeling 55 degrees.

It was also International Happiness (or Happy) Day. I am lucky to not only “get” Twitter but I get a lot out of it, specifically news and entertainment. I follow some very fun and funny people on Twitter, so news of this little known day of smiles and happy thoughts and deeds was all the rage on my twitter feed today. I was treated to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams several times (with the cute video). It's such a catchy tune, I can't help but sing and clap along… Because I'm happy! Happy Spring is here, and sooner or later the weather is bound to improve.




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