Embracing Recycling


Tonight is “recycling night” at our house. I am thrilled we even remember that from week to week. It's obviously not hard to remember when the day never changes, but this winter with this weather, well, as they say a bit north of here, Fuggedaboudit. Which is to say, we have had our trash and reclycling pick up days on a “sliding schedule” on more than a couple of occasions.

The Dos and Don'ts of Recycling


However, as I am amassing our recycling bins I notice that my neighbors are dutifully gathering theirs. And, I think our county, Howard County, has a lot of dutiful recyclers. In fact, our neighborhood was one of a select group that was offered the chance to take part in a pilot food recycling program. I opted in without a second thought. It saved me from feeling like I needed to save my food scraps for my mom's compost bin. I wasn't bitten by the composting bug, like many gardeners in the county (my mom included), but the benefits of it are not lost on me. I'm not sure what others' motivations are for participating in one or both types of recycling offered in our county, but I believe our proximity to the Chesapeake Bay (and my love of steamed and seasoned blue crabs) are high on my Why I Recycle list.

And, I am always happy when I see other people being mindful of the Earth and embracing recycling.

The Dos and Don'ts of Food Recycling




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