Winter Weather Blues Willed Away By World Showcase Memories


I am having flashbacks to our past trips to Disney World. I can only assume that this is either my mind's attempt to understand and accept the wild swings in the weather, or possibly an attempt to keep me from having a weather-induced meltdown by instead taking me to my happiest Disney park. Either way, I find it amusing that our crazy weather has me thinking about Disney World. It must have been the last (or only) time I've experienced such extreme changes in weather.

But, here I am, picturing us in EPCOT Center, specifically in the World Showcase. One minute taking a warm (and humid, as I recall) and cozy boat ride through “Mexico.” And, a few minutes later, we are in “Norway” experiencing the cold (well, highly air conditioned, anyway), harsh weather and icy scenes of that country. That is what we seem to be experiencing here. One day it's sunny and in the mid- to high-60s, and Spring is on it's way. And, the next it's snow flurrying, the temperatures are dropping into the 20s, and we can't imagine when Spring will finally arrive.

And, my favorite part is that over the course of this weekend, the weathermen have been trying really hard not to make a big deal out of the potential for a 4 to 6″ snowfall on Monday. St. Patrick's Day. In addition to St. Patrick's Day, Monday is Monday. And, by now, you know that snow on a weekday can mean maybe, well probably a two-hour delay or no school. Which means, no swimming. And, now we have a snowy day instead of a warm Spring day, so no cute green outfits for us. Nope. Now, it's going to be a wear your warm green clothes day.

Have a Happy St.Patrick's Day whatever your weather!



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