A Delightful St. Patrick’s Dinner Dance

Here is the photo of the Columbia Inn at Peralynna Manor from their Event Information Brochure

My first impressions of The Columbia Inn at Peralynna Manor in Howard County, MD, are: It's beautiful! And, it has a very warm and welcoming feel about it from the minute you step in the door. I stopped by this afternoon, since John and I were attending a Dinner Dance event here this evening. I wanted to get an idea of what to expect, and to register and settle up our bill. I was not aware that this award winning Bed and Breakfast had monthly Dinner Dances until very recently, when the owner extended an invitation to local bloggers, through HoCoBlogs, to come and see what the Dinner Dances are all about. John and I were thrilled to be able to go. This month's Dinner Dances were held tonight and tomorrow night (March 15th) and have a St. Patrick's Day theme. Tonight's party was sold out. If you can get a ticket for Saturday night, I highly recommend it!
Daytime View of One of the Event Rooms


The setting is intimate and friendly. I saw mostly couples, and was surprised that John and I were not the oldest or the youngest couple there. We had been advised by the owner, Cynthia, to arrive a little before the 7:00 PM start time. They do begin the dances promptly at 7:00 PM and end them exactly at 10:00 PM if not a minute before. The music is provided by Love Story, an extremely talented husband and wife team, who are awesome! Wow! We really loved the music they played.

Love Story


They had folks dancing from the start. They play jazz, 50’s and 60’s rock, and Motown. The meal began with an amazing selection of Hors d'oeuvres: cheeses, humus, many different vegetables, not just the usual three or four, and fruit, to just name a few of the items in the extensive spread. Then, the buffet is open and tables are called one at a time. Tonight the meal was an Irish feast of corned beef, a homemade sausage with pasta and lots of vegetables. The gluten-free, vegetarian offering was a very tasty vegetable medley with a light sauce. It was very good. As I understand it, the corned beef was very good, also. The salad bar area had three salads, a delicious corn bread that was served warm, and rolls. I found out at the end of the evening that Robert Gadsby, owner of the new restaurant Gadsby's Bar American, catered the event tonight. It was great! I think it will be well worth a trip to Gadsby's for dinner based on what we had tonight.

Dessert was also very good, there was a chocolate fountain with strawberries, pineapple, and marshmallows; apple pie, chocolate cake, and cookies, and it was almost totally eclipsed by the dancing. The dance floor was filled with couples just about the entire time. Although people did stop dancing briefly to eat. We met a delightful young couple from Laurel and a very friendly older couple from Beltsville. I also chatted with a mom, who recognized me as an After Prom Co-Chair and who is an After Prom Chair at her child's high school this year. She was there tonight with her husband. None of us had been to one of these dinner dances before, and it was unanimous! We all can't wait to come back! The older couple from Beltsville have even signed up to take dance lessons before they come back. It was such a wonderful, fun evening. I can't believe this gem has been here all this time, and we are just finding out about it. Thanks to everyone at the Inn for a great night out


Chocolate Fountain




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