A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


We were treated to a lovely day weather-wise. And, because Winter has not been kind to our yard, John and I needed to get out and clean it up. We must have picked up enough tree branches and little tree pieces to re-forest a couple square blocks of the Amazon rainforest. Well, probably not, but we did overfill two large outdoor trash cans. My legs and feet were sore from last night's fun and dancing (in new shoes-ouch), so cleaning up the yard seemed like a nice activity. That is until I realized I did about 400 squats picking up the branches and tree debris. We'll see how that feels tomorrow, I'm sure.

After lunch, I spent almost an hour sitting in the sun getting caught up on my Vitamin D. The sun felt refreshingly warm and earnest in its attempts to knock Winter out of the picture. I read some of the book I've been reading for too long now. It appears to be a symptom of blogging. I have less time to read my spy thrillers. Although, there appears to be a bit a spy thriller unfolding with the still missing Malaysian Airliner. I've ended up following this topic on the news more and more (which also keeps me from my book).

The Columbia Lakefront Steps


Lake Kittamaqundi, Columbia, MD


This evening, while it was still warm, John and I went over to the Columbia Lakefront. We walked around to the other side and back. There were good number of folks out enjoying the evening, including a Bride, Groom, and wedding party having their pictures taken.

On our way home, we kidnapped Grandma and took her out for TCBY. She enjoyed the chance to get out and mingle with us. We are all so ready for Spring we can't stand it.

Soon. Or eventually!



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