Crowdsourced Volunteering and Dinner out on the Town


Here is a glimpse of the beautiful sky as sun was setting. Ahhhh. I can assure you the real thing was much better than my photo.

In the interest of full disclosure, which is certainly not a requirement in blogging, but something I feel compelled to include in today's post, John and I went out to dinner tonight. I told him that there are several restaurants in our area that offer ½ priced burgers on Tuesdays. We decided to go to 2nd Chance Saloon in Columbia. I of course got a grilled chicken sandwich (I did not need to eat a hamburger). It was tasty. John tried Bacon Ranch Burger and thought it was very good. So, I ask you… Is this an “old person” thing to do? I kind of think it is. So, yesterday I was firmly in my youthfulness, and today I'm at ½ priced burgers. Oh well. I guess we are right on that line. Sometimes we'll cross into old territory and other times we'll be on the youth side of things.

Actually, speaking of the youth side. I did an amazingly cool thing this afternoon. I participated in the “crowdsourcing” search for the Malaysia Airlines jet that has disappeared enroute to China. I spent several hours scanning through the satellite images I was given to look for the aircraft or any evidence of it. It was very interesting. And addicting. I could still be sitting in front of the computer. I didn't find anything too interesting, except for one thing that was probably a boat. I tagged it just in case. So, I probably will log on tomorrow and keep looking, as time permits or until I find that it has been located. It would be amazing to be one of people who helps find it. I'm not holding my breath it will be me, however; I think it is wonderful that so many people are getting involved. And, that, there is a technology that offers a way to help an effort taking place on the other side of the globe.

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