Laughter and Bad Scrambled Eggs


The transition back to an empty house went rather well today. We had a great visit with Alex, who also seemed happy to get a few days of his Spring Break at home with us. Although, I believe if you ask him, he will say he was glad to sleep in his own bed. We were very happy to have him home and enjoyed lots of laughs over all sorts of topics. Also during his brief visit, Alex and I got to catch up on one of his favorite TV shows, the British “Top Gear,” which I also find pretty funny. We had a tasty going back-to-school brunch with my parents today. Although Alex said he couldn't eat my scrambled eggs because they tasted too much like the eggs at his school. I'm going to take that as a compliment to the school eggs. (And, I will, of course be reviewing what possibly could have gone wrong with my eggs today!) Fortunately, we had homemade waffles and bacon that he did enjoy.

So, today was the first time we dropped him off at the airport to fly back to school…alone. Alyssa has done it lots if times by now. John and I usually hang around the security line perimeter, intermittently waving and blowing kisses (it's me who does the waving and blowing kisses) to her until she is all the way through security and gives us one final wave and air kiss before heading off to her gate. I'm sure you can guess how the idea of us hanging around for one minute past our abbreviated “Goodbyes” went over with him. Yep. That's right. He wasn't a fan of the idea. We hung around for long enough to see him make the first bend of the security line and headed back to the car. Airport goodbyes are different with boys. When we got home, we each got into projects we had planned to get done sometime over the weekend until it was time for dinner. It is the first day of Daylight Savings Time, so that seemed to help us plug along for the rest of evening. It seems like we're making progress in adjusting to being Empty Nesters, if you ask me.



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