The Unexpected Visitors



I got a call at a few minutes after 4:00 PM. It was John. “We might have a situation,” he said. Uh-oh. Well, the upshot of the situation was that Alex, a friend, and the father of the friend were going to be arriving at Dulles Airport at 6:00 PM and their connecting flight was cancelled. So, this opened up the potential to pick Alex up a day earlier than we expected. Yay! But, it also offered the opportunity to invite the friend and his dad to stay at our house overnight, as there were no other flights to anywhere close to where they were going leaving Dulles tonight. Umm, yay?! Yes, Yay! And uh-oh.


This threw me into what I like to call DefCon 1. The level of extreme emergency in which I have very little time to get the house ready for company… Or in this case, potentially overnight company. Yikes. I must say, I did an amazing job with the hour that I had before we had to leave for the airport. Not perfect, but passable.

We waited almost two hours for the guys to get things settled at the airport and then finally headed out to dinner. We had a great evening visiting and enjoyed dinner at Clyde's in Reston, Va. We had to stop at the grocery store on the way home, and I got to explain that as Empty Nesters we don't have a lot food on hand. We got back and I spent another 15 – 20 minutes getting everything straightened up in the guest room and bathroom. Whew! What a crazy, unexpected night we ended up having. It was great. And, I'm loving that I vowed to try to do three things everyday during Lent, and so far I'm two for two. My three things are: express gratitude for at least one thing everyday: (today, I am grateful to see Alex a day earlier than planned, among a bunch of other things I'm grateful for); perform one act of kindness (today, we invited Alex's friends to dinner); and perform one act of warmth and/or compassion toward someone (today, we invited Alex's friends to stay at our house, so they didn't have to sleep at the airport). I am so happy about the great way our unexpected night turned out.



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