Happy, Spring-like Blog Post

The snow is melting, Sun is shining, and the sky is blue! #Grateful

Today had the best Spring-like feel to it. It is sunny and hopeful, and the snow is melting. I literally felt like the mid-to high 30s is the new mid 60s. I know, I will be back to feeling like the mid-30s are awful and freezing after a few days of warmer temperatures in a row. But, for today, I am going to bask in the glory of getting back to Masters practice after far too many days off and the sunny day! Speaking of practice, I did remember how to swim, I was not afraid to dive in, and a lot of my people were missing. Usually the first day back after a bunch of days off, we are five to a lane. But, not today. None of my usual lane mates were there. I think they must have a lot of work to make up from all the snowy disruptions. And, as for me, I'm getting my work done tonight. I am teaching swimming lessons for two straight hours. This should cure me of my chlorine deficit, for sure! This is why I'm getting my happy, Spring-like blog post done early.



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