Turnabout is Fair Play

Here are the Bird Tracks on the Steps. Very Interesting!


It was a very cold morning (single digit) and as expected, there was no Masters practice. I did get into Body Pump, so at least that was something. When I got home, I noticed there were a lot of birds around our yard. The beautiful red, male Cardinal apparently has found a preferred branch on one of my Leyland cypress trees. He sits there staring at the commotion around the bird feeder. He will usually come in for a landing and hang out on the ground, picking up his meal there. I usually always notice the female Cardinal sitting on top of the Shepard's hook that holds the feeder when he is around. I think she must throw seeds down to the ground for the male. I haven't witnessed that yet though. So, it seemed we had the usual cast of characters hanging around for the food.

But, I did get a bit of a surprise while sitting at my kitchen table eating my lunch. I noticed a Junco land on the top step leading to my sliding glass door. He proceeded to walk along my door and then turn his head to peer into my family room, as if he was looking for me! I wanted to get that photo but he was gone in a flash. I laughed out loud. So, the tables have turned over here. I now have birds watching me/us. They ate so much food in the last day or so that I had to refill the feeder. You can be sure I checked around for evidence of their photographic equipment, of which I am relieved to say, I found none.



4 thoughts on “Turnabout is Fair Play

  1. article is quite interesting and hopefully true happiness rays began to warm the hearts of us all, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂

  2. I too noticed how birds that past couple of days have had to work harder for food. The snow and cold are a nuisance for people but they are a real struggle for birds. Finding water especially. I swear I saw one bird yesterday that seemed to be eating snow on our deck.

    • That is so true and funny, Duane. I think that may have been the real reason the junco was on my steps. There was an area of melting snow right near the door. My mom mentioned the birds are scoping out nesting locations, also, according to the Mother Nature’s newsletter she received the other day. They are fun to watch. Thanks for commenting. 🙂 ~Angie

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