Empty Nests and Ninja Rolls

More tales from the Empty Nest

Red Bellied Woodpecker at the Bird Feeder

Red Bellied Woodpecker at the Bird Feeder

John: Does it seem really quiet?
Me: Where? Here in the house or the neighborhood, where?
John: Well, the house. And the neighborhood.
Me: Yeah, I guess so. I mean we just came into a completely empty house, and still have 7 hours of road noise in our ears from the drive home from RI.
But, there was an eerie quiet in both the neighborhood and the house. My guess was that the weather forecast was once again calling for a huge snowstorm overnight and into the morning, so folks must have gone into hibernation early. The streets were empty and there were no people to be seen. It was fine with me. Re-entry after visits with my kids can be iffy. I was actually feeling OK pretty soon after leaving Alyssa. We did our usual post visit processing (Click HERE to see how we do this after visiting our kids) in a more abbreviated than normal way, but still hitting the important parts: We are so happy we went; She is doing great, and we are so proud; And, we will see her in April. We moved on to the business at hand, as we had the impending storm to consider, after all. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as forecasted. It did cancel Masters and, well, everything else as well. I was hopeful we’d get practice in tomorrow, but that’s right, you guessed it. School is delayed, so no fitness classes before 10:45 AM. Ugh.

More Ninja Opportunities

The snow event, while not that exciting, did bring some new visitors to our bird feeder. John captured this amazing photograph of a Red-bellied Woodpecker picking out the peanuts from our feeder! What a great shot! And, there were other birds and great photo opportunities that I was unable to capture on film. The birds seem to be really aware of their surroundings, including my movements in the house. Despite rocking an amazing Ninja roll (read about previous attempts to capture photos of these birds, HERE), I have not developed my finer stealth capabilities to the level needed to catch these beauties at or near our bird feeder. Oh, well. I have something to work on if I ever get back to yoga or any fitness class for that matter!


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