The Kase of the Blown Budget

Our New Custom Phone Cases!


John and I had been maintaining a rather small spending footprint since Christmas. The two kids in college at the same time will do that to a couple's spending. But, boy-oh-boy, we did some damage this weekend visiting Alyssa in Rhode Island. And, you're welcome, RI!

We started by picking up a few basics for Alyssa. We had brought her some stuff from home for her Spring Break trip, but there were a few other things she needed. So, we went to the mall in Providence. I have needed a new iPhone case for what seems like an eternity, so I have kept my eyes open for a replacement case. We came upon an interesting looking store.


The first thing I noticed were walls filled with really cool looking cell phone cases. So, I wandered in. I have been looking for one with a swimming motif. I was immediately approached by a male employee, who proceeded to explain that I can put any photo, words, colors, you name it, on any case that fits any phone. Wut? “Hummmm, that is very interesting,” I mumbled as I walked toward the back of the store, my brain rapidly attempting to rein in the myriad possibilities. But, wait. I just wanted a case that said, “SWIM” on it. I don't need to go overboard, here. Right? Well…

“Do you have any photos on your phone? Or is there something on the Internet you like,” the helpful employee asks. Me: (to myself) Do I have pictures on my phone? Ha! I'm a blogger for heaven's sake. I photograph just about everything, just in case I decide to write about it later! John was looking at me with a skeptical, “Now, Angie, what have you gotten into here…” Alyssa was encouraging as I was already scanning through my 1,185 photos on my phone.

I have many photos of the pools I swim in taken at different times of day, some indoor and some outdoor, so I was holding them up for Alyssa's input. In the meantime, I'm asking John if he wants to see if there is a picture he would want to use for a phone case… He was still a little unsure about participating in this fun exercise. But I had found another photo of a summer swim meet that I liked, and the young man put it into the program on his IPad, for us to see how it would look as a phone case. It looked really neat. Next, we played around with fonts and, lo and behold, we had the word “Swim” on the photo. By now, John has identified a great picture to check out as an option for him. Whoa! Our choices look fantastic. We fell in love with them.


So, John and I each got a new cell phone case from The Kase, a French company. There are only three stores in the U.S. so far. Lucky for us one was in Providence, huh? I'm still so excited about them.

Well, that purchase loosened our formerly tight grip on our wallets, so to speak. We ended up buying several more things, enjoying not having to pay state sales tax on most if not all of our purchases. Instead of feeling guilty about falling off our self-imposed “austerity wagon,” we decided to be pleased with ourselves for having saved (sales tax) money by shopping in Rhode Island.



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