Turning “Lasts” into “Firsts”


Visiting my Senior in college is completely different than visiting my Freshman. I have had plenty of time to get used to Alyssa being away at school. In fact, I probably will feel like an expert at being a mother of college kids by this May…just as Alyssa graduates and moves back home.

However, what hadn't occurred to either of us until we were closing in on our destination was that this may be one of the last times or is the last time we would be coming to this location. We have been coming here for the past 5 ½ years. I was not expecting to be doing “lasts” like this already. Or maybe I wasn't expecting to notice a “last” at all now. Well, not until graduation anyway. Sheesh, I'm still getting used to the last set of lasts that started this past August and has left us in what seems like a constant state of adjustment ever since.

I really should be used to it by now. But, instead, I was working to push that thought out of my mind to get back to being excited about being here. We were really looking forward to seeing Alyssa and hearing about her classes and life as a Senior. She is a few short months from graduating from college. Wow. These four years have gone by so quickly. I can remember the day we left her at the curb in front of her first dorm like it was yesterday. So, obviously these next few years will go by as quickly, if not more so. In fact, maybe I will be able to switch from focusing on the “lasts” of what is happening to looking for the “Firsts.” “Firsts” are so much more fun and hopeful sounding where kids are concerned. I'm thinking of “First steps,” “First words,” “First job,” “First apartment.” I like the way that feels. It's exciting. I'll have to give this switch a try next time I find myself wallowing in the “lasts.”



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