What Comes Next?

The Sky's the Limit!


Moving on…

I am noticing that the amount of time I am sitting in sadness is decreasing, which is a good thing. And, it's what is supposed to happen. Not that I really was physically sitting around. I have been keeping up with everything (mostly) and adding new things (like starting this blog). But, I'm feeling a little stuck at the moment. Mostly I'm stuck trying to figure out where and on, to, or with what I am going to bring my fire. I am a passionate person. I like to do things I'm passionate about, because I usually offer a lot when I do. Several articles that have come to my attention lately talking about the topic of passion and what to do once that which you have been passionate about ends. When you are at a fork in the road or a turning point in your life, look around. You will see many others going through the same thing. I have. All of the athletes coming back from the Olympics; all of the Seniors in college, who are facing the end of playing a sport that they have played since a young age; moms and dads, who are childless again after so many years of having a child or children around. So, I know I'm not alone in being in the “What comes next?” phase of my life. There is so much to choose from and so many ways to go. But, what “lights my fire” and what stirs my passion? Stay tuned! And as soon as I figure it out, I'm sure I will write a great blog post about it!



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