Blogger Party Night “HoCo” Style


There are so many neat things about being a part of the Howard County Blog scene, I'm not sure which one I like enjoy the most. Tonight we were treated to yet another fabulous HoCoBlogs sponsored party. This time we met at a new restaurant called The White Oak Tavern, thanks to fellow blogger Amanda Loudin (known as @MissZippy1 on Twitter), the organizer of this party. It was a really fun night. This is my third HoCoBlogs event, and it was nice to see familiar faces and meet some new people, as well. There are so many interesting people and topics of conversation at theses gatherings it is incredible. I think these events are too good to be missed by bloggers, readers of blogs, or folks curious about Howard County and its blog scene. If you haven't made it to one yet, please keep it in mind for the next one that comes around. You don't have to be a blogger to attend.

After chatting with a bunch of folks, John and I were eager to try a meal. We had heard that they are a “farm to table” restaurant. And, their menu highlights their use of local farms and businesses as well as the fact that everything is made from scratch. John and I both chose the hamburgers – not a great choice for me, but it was delicious. The entire meal was outstanding. So fresh and so tasty. John enjoyed his hamburger, too, as well as one of the beers they offered. He tried the Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA and thought it was good. We were so full from dinner that dessert was not possible. Maybe next time. We are looking forward to going back again!



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