On a Fitness Mission This Week

Yes, This.


Logging all those miles sitting in the car as “The Passenger,” this past weekend did not have a positive impact on my fitness. Nor did some of my food choices, which included a very late dinner with Alex (and John) at the popular Zaxby's restaurant. I got the salad again and it was delicious. But it had fried chicken fingers, a bit of some type of fried onion ring pieces and too much cheese for my taste. I took a lot of the cheese off, but I'm sure I there were still a lot of calories left in that meal.


Love This Sign at Zaxby's, High Point, NC


So, despite the great trail bike ride John and I took on Saturday, I did have two days with very little exercise. In order to get back to business, I have a four-swim week planned, in addition to taking two weight lifting classes. Monday I did a swim only day. It was a good, hard workout with lots of yards (Thank you, Sue!). Today, I ended up getting into the noon Body Pump class, so I swam for an hour of practice, then left for Body Pump. It was quite exhausting, but hopefully worth it. I told John I was trying to scare my body into a slimmer, more fit version of itself. We shall see how this plan works out.


We had a beautiful snowfall all morning that covered the grass and trees. It was over by mid afternoon. Then the sun came out and melted it all. Now, they are calling for a Winter Weather Advisory for tomorrow morning that hopefully won't cancel swim practice! I'm on a fitness mission this week!



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