A Beautiful Day for a Trail Ride


It's sunny and 64 degrees outside this afternoon and John and I are returning from our Rail Trail ride along the Atlantic & Yadkin Greenway Trail. What a nice ride. The trail was about 7 ½ miles, so naturally, I was conspiring (to myself) about how to maximize my fitness during this ride. I was anticipating a flat, scenic ride, which was going to mean stopping to take lots of pictures. I was thinking that frequent photo stops and a relatively short trail was going to leave me with less than a stellar workout. But, happily, I was wrong. We parked and headed off in the direction of the more scenic side to begin our ride. It was a bit chilly when we started, but has warmed up nicely. This trail reminded me of the Capitol Crescent Trail in that it started out all downhill. Then we came upon some much more aggressive hills. One or two that were downright steep, short but steep. I made a mental note to plan to walk my bike up the steepest two hills on the return trip, just so I wouldn't feel bad about it when it happened. There were lovely views of the lake, Lake Brandt, throughout the ride. John brought his new camera along, so we stopped and got some nice photos. We saw a Heron that was posing in the middle of one of the parts of the lake. It looked like it was doing its best to get the cover of National Geographic. Of course, I had my iPhone for my photos. It did not take long for me to realize that I didn't need to worry about maximizing my fitness. It was a relatively tough ride. I'm not sure if it was tough because we haven't been outside riding much or just because it was hilly. I'd like to say thank you to Rustin, from Saturday spin class. Had it not been for his grueling Tabata workouts, I'd never have made it up and down all those hills! Yes, I made it. My legs are totally fatigued, but I'm a happy trail rider. We rode the other side of the trail, but the views were mostly of the city. Now, we're off to see Alex and spend the rest of the day with him. Yay!



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