A Visit South

College “Essentials”?!


I'm almost at the half way point of the second semester of being an Empty Nester, and I still haven't gotten out of the groove of feeling that my primary purpose is still somewhat tied to the day-to-day household with kids. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but I guess I'm just not in the groove of not having the kids around. I don't know how long it will take until I will be more used to not having the kids at home. I'm kind of hoping it won't take the same number of years that we had them at home.

So, after what seemed like months, but was actually six weeks, we finally made it down for a visit to see Alex. Hurrah! I missed him so much. We brought some of our usual treats from home: homemade chocolate chip cookies and another store bought cookie he likes. We also had to bring shorts and t-shirts back down, since the weather got really warm really quickly. We arrived in time for dinner after an uneventful drive (thank goodness). Alex requested Chipotle, so that's where we went for dinner. And, following dinner, we went to pick up some “essentials” for his dorm room. We wrapped up our visit and dropped him back on campus. Talk about a quick first night visit. He has an early morning tomorrow due to a university activity, so we couldn't keep him out too late. As for us, John and I have our own plans for the morning. We are going to hit the local rail trails! I'm really excited to get our bikes out on the trails around here. The weather is supposed to be nice. And, I need to get some exercise after spending way too much time in the car today. So, hopefully we will log some miles, see some nice sights, and have a great ride. We will have more time to visit and catch up with Alex tomorrow.



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