A Yearning For Spring

Getting Ready for Spring and Sunshine!


This morning, while there are still significant piles of snow on the ground, the rains came. Fortunately the temperatures remained above freezing, so the rain aided the melt and movement of said snow piles. It was a strange sight, but got more strange when it began to thunder and lightening. It was a super short, possibly even single strike (of lightening) event. I could not believe I was facing the possibility of having swim practice be cancelled due to thunder in February. That would have been too much for me to take. We had practice, and as we left the pool for the afternoon, the sun was coming out. The temperatures were hitting close to 50 degrees, and it felt like Spring may actually be on its way. It's amazing how energized I was by the warm sunshine. I could almost ignore the white stuff on the ground. I do have a yearning for Spring, which I consider to be the feeling immediately preceding Spring Fever.

The Lottery and Humanitarianism

I think I succumbed to the power of suggestion. I don't usually buy lottery tickets, but I do notice when the jackpots get “newsworthy high.” The Powerball jackpot is up to something close to $400 million. I heard about the jackpot. Later, I was reading a couple of articles, when I had an epiphany. I know what I would do if I won that jackpot. And, after sharing my idea with John, I realized that I was thinking like the Humanitarian that the BuzzFeed Quiz said I should be. Sadly, my humanitarian mission will need to wait until I actually buy a ticket. Because everyone knows, “You've Got to Play to Win.”



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