Is there an App for that?


I seem to have an endless supply of ideas for smartphone apps. They are all apps that would make my life easier. My latest idea came to me today. I think someone needs to create an app that will do whatever action you think of but don't do right away, and then forget it before doing it. Yes. I need a mind reading app. How many times do I think, “Oh! I can't forget to _____! ” Last night, I was filing in the blank with “… Call Supreme (the gym) and sign up for 10:45 Body Pump (weight lifting class), in case there is a 2 hour school delay (which cancels all fitness classes before 10:30)! I thought about it at least four times throughout the day and evening. When did I finally actually call the gym? I called at 9:45 PM. I ended up 9th on the wait list. Ugh! Fast forward to this morning and sure enough there was a 2 hour delay. I considered not going to the gym because I was so deep on the wait list. But, I was desperate to do something. So, I went. And waited. And got into class with two other wait listers. Whew! It was a good workout, that I still don't really enjoy doing. But, as I've said before I am too old not to lift weights. It is a necessary evil. And, as I was informed earlier today by a reader of yesterday's Empty Nest post, I may one day get to do fun things like take grand kids sledding. So, I need to stay in shape! And, in the mean time, I eat dessert, so I need to work out.

Here is a photo from the BuzzFeed website.

I had seen a couple of references to quizzes on a website called BuzzFeed. Today, I saw a quiz I couldn't resist. It was called, “What Career Should You Actually Have?” Well, as someone who is still (or again) trying to figure out the “color of my parachute,” I was curious. So I took the quiz. I ended up with “Humanitarian”! This made me laugh. I wonder if I can get paid to be a humanitarian, and, if so, by whom? How did I not get “App Idea Person”? Anyway, this naturally lead me to another quiz, “Which City do you Belong in” or something along those lines. And, I got Paris. What? How did I not get Barcelona or London? Anyway, that was my little fun for today. If anyone knows of a great job in Paris for humanitarians, please let me know.



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