Friends and Family Day

The Birthday girl, Donna, Libby, Me, and Judy

I was glad to have several lovely things on my calendar today, starting with my favorite yoga class. Yay. I then had the pleasure of helping a long time friend celebrate her 50th Birthday at a lunch in her honor. It was such a nice party, and so fun to visit and laugh all afternoon. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to share her milestone birthday with her and other friends and family. Tonight, John and I took all the makings for tacos to my parents house and made dinner there. It was so tasty. Mom and dad enjoyed it, and they have leftovers for another night down the road. It was a much happier day from start to finish than yesterday.

I had to take a picture of the chocolate chip coated ice cream ball and cake. What a great idea! I need to find out if rolling the ice cream in those toppings is as easy as it seems. It was delicious! There was also a choice of a blue-tinted coconut coated ice cream ball, which was prettier and probably tastier (if you like coconut) than it sounds.



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