Day Trip to Washington, D.C.

The White House on a cold, snowy February day.


Earlier today, I had a bad case of Empty Nest Syndrome, as John put it. I thought I had a bad case of this weather is awful, and I don't want to do anything at all today syndrome. But, I think he was right. We had no plans and that wasn't as good for me as I had hoped. John wanted to get out and do something. I proposed we drive into Washington D.C. and walk around the monuments. We took the new camera and headed downtown. It was during the drive in that John said, “We knew this was going to happen this winter. We didn't have to deal with it in the Fall because of all the traveling we were doing. You have Empty Nest Syndrome.” So, I switched gears from sad, bored, and unmotivated to “Where should we park?” We ended up starting our adventure at The White House, with all the other tourists and protesters. It was really almost too cold to be out when we live close enough to go to DC whenever we want, but we, I, needed to do something (and it had to involve walking for exercise, since I didn't get into spin class this morning). We then walked around by D.A.R. Constitution Hall and The Organization of American States to visit the World War II Memorial. It was very nice, but too cold for the fountain.

Th WW II Memorial, Atlantic side.


The Washington Monument, in Snow and Scaffolding, February 2014.

We tried to take some good photos, but it was really overcast and cold without gloves. So, I have a couple of sort of OK photos that I took with my iPhone 4S and that I'm using in this post. It will be much better to go again on a warm, brighter day. Anyway, we walked over to the National Mall to see if we could get a decent photo of the Capitol. The grass areas were a snowy, slushy mess (which was not a big deal for one of us, who wore her boots, but…), so we ended up going into the Smithsonian National Museum of American History to warm up. We spent time checking out the American Stories exhibit.

The Capitol in the distance and snow.


There are some neat things there. We decided we needed to spend more time at this museum in the future. We walked back through the streets, which felt a little like walking through a wind tunnel. A bitter cold wind tunnel. When we finally got to the car, my feet, legs, and back were in the 7th level of pain. I went to turn off the fitness app I used to log our effort to find we walked close to six miles. No wonder! It turned out to be a good way to get in a great cold weather work out, and I was no longer feeling so glum.

My fitness App. We didn't run back and forth in front of the White House as it suggests. Not sure what happened there.




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