Gumby Flexible


I have become really good at “The Wait and See Approach” to well, just about everything lately. I'm not sure when it began exactly, but I went from a fairly rigid planner to a wet noodle of flexibility. I guess, thinking back on it, I started to recognize the merits of taking things with a grain of salt during my first major job post college. It was a big, behemoth of an organization that seemed to enjoy throwing out random new policies rather frequently. It became clear that there was no need to get spun up about the ridiculousness of the latest workplace fad being thrust upon us, because it would change soon enough.

As I was beginning to hit my “just roll with it” stride in the ever changing workplace, I had a baby. Nothing, absolutely nothing, prepares one for a life of rolling with the punches, being flexible, creating plans A-H, and etc., like having a baby. Nothing, that is, except having another one. So, I have had practice.

However, I think I've graduated to a new, modern maturity-level of flexibility. How do I know this, you ask? Well, take my plans for this weekend. Now, add the snowy weather. Now, clear the calendar. See how easy that was? I went from working tonight and having two parties tomorrow, to having a delightful Valentine's Day dinner with John tonight, and a full day free tomorrow. I did not get too attached to any of the plans, including that of me getting to the pool today, because the weather has been too bad and unpredictable. We didn't get plowed out until about 10:30 this morning. John had taken the better “bad weather vehicle” to work. So, as soon as the plows came through, I let him know the street was clear so he could come home to trade cars. Yay! I ended up at the pool for a much later then normal swim (yes, in the hot pool), which I desperately needed after the hour and a half or so of shoveling I had done. Ouch. The plows did a great job, but there was just too much snow and not many places to put it. There was a huge pile in front of our mailbox, which I relocated. I also had to clear the snow from the curb, so as it melts it can follow its normal path to the storm drains (that needed to be cleared again, ugh). Although it was completely different than I had thought it would be, it was a great day. Good thing for me that I am so Gumby flexible.



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