For Fitness and Community Service

The snow definitely didn't miss us. It shut down just about everything. I missed the chance to shovel the 12 or so inches off the driveway because John got out there with the snowblower. It's really hard to argue against using it. There was a ton of heavy, heavy snow, and John had it cleared in no time. So, for my exercise and the chance to get outside the house before I went stir crazy, I chose to go around my immediate neighborhood area and clear the snow from around fire hydrants and storm drains. I found two hydrants that weren't too buried and six storm drains that were. John couldn't understand why I would undertake such an exercise in futility where the storm drains were concerned given that the plows hadn't come through yet. But, I finally convinced him I was shoveling as much for exercise as to be a good citizen, so that was that. After a mild patch during the day, the sleet started followed by more snow around dinner time. We heard from both kids, and they were loving life. Neither of them had classes today. Alex has already heard that there will be no classes at his school tomorrow either. They are getting hit very hard in the south with this storm. I got outside again this evening for round two of shoveling and snow blowing. There was already 2 or 3 inches on the driveway. I did some shoveling, while John was behind the snow blower. The snow was still coming down as we finished up. We will be so grateful when the weather starts to warm up and the days get longer.




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