Swimming, Shopping, Snow Preparations


I got a call from a friend this evening. She started out the conversation with, “It's time to panic!” I said, “Where are you, the grocery store?” I figured she was in a crowded store trying to do some last minute stocking up. Nope. She was on her way home from work. The snow had just started to fall and was already starting to accumulate on the roads. So, it doesn't look like this one is going to miss us. But, it's still early.

Luckily, earlier today, we were able to spring my mom from the hospital. She was supposed to be discharged tomorrow, and we had already begun mentally devising ways in which were going to get her and her newly replaced knee home in potentially a foot of snow. It was looking a bit tricky. But, fortunately she passed all of her tests today and was released. I was glad to be able to get both of my parents settled in well before whatever comes snow-wise.

Speaking of preparation, the other night when we were starting to do some pre-snowstorm shopping, John and I ended up having to go to two different grocery stores. The first one we went to was out of bananas. The snow panic had already started and it was only Monday! Who knew bananas qualified as “comfort food.” Anyway, I observed that there were literally dozens of couples around our age and older at the store. It was packed with them. I couldn't believe it. It was almost as if the store was offering discounts for older couples shopping together. I still can't believe I'm old enough to be an Empty Nester. It just doesn't seem possible. So, seeing this, this “thing” where we were doing what old people were doing… Well, lets just say, I noticed. Then, at the second store, I noticed it there too. It wasn't as crowded as the first store, but there were still a handful of couples shopping together. It's just an Empty Nest observation.

My friend Sue is getting to try out the Empty Nest this week, while her youngest is in Florida for a dance trip. This morning I made a comment about when she and her husband start grocery shopping together or something along those lines. She looked at me questioningly and said, “We don't grocery shop together (with the implied, What are you, crazy?”). And, I looked at her and said, “ You will. We didn't used to either. It appears to be a thing.”

Today was a great day at the pool! I not only got my swim practice in, I got the Winter Water Challenge long-sleeved t-shirt I earned. It is the cutest shirt. I earned it for swimming over 1000 minutes since the beginning of January (I think it's 1000 minutes.). Yay, me! Now, I have a cute penguin shirt to wear out to shovel. Thanks, CA and Swim Center for a fun and motivational activity. There are a lot of people swimming a lot of hours at that facility! It's a great way to stay healthy over the winter! Cheers to keeping us Empty Nesters (among others) healthy!



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