Plans and Back up Plans

There is a lot of discussion and the beginnings of media over-hype about our latest batch of winter weather that is apparently headed our way. Again. I didn't want to get caught up in the fray, but then I heard the projected snowfall totals: 5 to 15 inches. I would like to think that I can pretty much stick with my normal routine (with modifications, such as probably swimming on my own instead of with my Masters practice), with a five inch snowfall. A 15 inch snowfall, not so much. And, that right there is the predicament. So, fortunately we should have a full day of normal conditions tomorrow. Then, we just have to go with the flow or fall, as it were, and see what we get.

So, a Plan A and B are in order for dealing with whatever the weather brings on Thursday. So, for Plan A: It's about time for me to get back to serious basement cleaning and purging. I have slacked off quite a bit, but the weather will get nice again. And, we are planning to do some road trips soon, so enough of this break time. It's get back at it time! I don't want to become that woman who had so much junk in her house it took a month to clean out one floor. Plan B will be reading a good book and keeping up with the shoveling (and saving the cleaning and the purging of the basement for another day). Oh, and I just received a tweet from our county Fire and EMS service with these recommendations: Shovel out fire hydrants and storm drains in your neighborhood, and check on your neighbors. We can do that.



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